Since our founding in 2014, we have awarded $49,000+ in scholarships to Los Angeles County youth to pursue their higher education in the arts. 


Scholarship Recipients

(This list is just an example of some of the talented, motivated, and public-spirited students who've received a scholarship from the EmBrase Foundation)

Susan, UC Berkely

"...I continue to work hard to stop the cycle of failure in my community, to prevent traumatic conflicts between family, and to be an asset for my nephews and the next generation."

Ismael, San Francisco State University

"I was hooked, it was like if God had struck me with the power of music and turned me into the guardian of sound. Since then I had an interest in music, discovering new sound everyday and always listened to my father play his guitar. It’s a blessing what sound can do."

Johan, UC Irvine

"An education can be the tool for me to realize my dream as an artist and beyond. Adelante! I say to myself… there’s only one road in front of me and it only goes forward."

Brandie, UC San Diego

"I loved the idea of helping others and being there for them when they need me. I realized that I wasn’t put in this world to only care for myself; I was put here to give back and help save others who have lost all hope."

Yesenia, UCLA

"As a young lady playing mariachi, I do not want to be seen as less than what I am just because I am a female. I want to be respected in the mariachi world because of my talent..."